by Jim Henry

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"Being A Man Of Influence"
Rev. Jim Henry
Daniel 6:17-28

When Calvin Coolidge was President of the United
States he had an invited guest overnight at the White
House and the next morning when the guest came to
breakfast he wanted to be sure he did everything
according to protocol. Nervously he watched closely
everything the President did. They served coffee and
the President took the hot coffee cup and poured some
of it into a deep saucer, put some sugar and cream in
and mixed it. Well, thinking that was the proper
thing to do at the Presidential table the guest took
his hot coffee, poured some of it into a deep saucer
and added cream and sugar. He waited and shortly
Calvin Coolidge took the coffee in the saucer and
leaned over at the end of the table and placed it on
the floor for his cat. The terrified guest did not
know what to do next and we have no report of what
happened after that.

It just goes to show what kind of influence you
have! You're telling somebody what to do and not to do
by your life and your actions. Jackie Robinson, the
great baseball legend, said, "The significance of your
life is determined by the impact it has on other
people." Every one of us, every day, who connects
with people in any way has an influence in their
lives, one way or another. Positively or negatively
we are influencers

You know there was a man named Daniel who was a
tremendous influence. There's another man named
Darius, and the scene we are about to witness is a
scene of contrasts. In King Darius' palace, a fabulous
place, King Darius is in his master bedroom while down
in the basement is a lion's den. In that den is this
man called Daniel. One is in the master bedroom; the
other is being thrown to the lions. Influencers!
Daniel's influence, though it may not have seemed
great at the time, continues today, nearly 3,000 years
later, while Dari ...

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