by Jim Henry

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"The Crisis of Success"
Rev. Jim Henry
Daniel 4:1-37

Three things most Americans think will make you a
success: Wealth, Power and Prestige. Usually you will
find that a person who is wealthy gets the power and
the prestige. Some of us call that the strain of
consistency. If a person has power they will usually
go after wealth and the prestige that comes with it.
If the person gets prestige, power and wealth will
come with that. It's a mark in our society and most
other societies as well that those three things are
what make a person successful. The pathway to success
is usually through wealth, though the other two can
reinforce that. Usually, though, when one gets wealth
the other things come with it.

So as we look around us today and you begin to
think, "Who is wealthy? Who is powerful? Who is
prestigious? Who are these successful people who
usually come to mind?"

Let me ask you a question. If you had one or all
three, would you be happy? We see how God has a way
of speaking to us in our success or in our adversity.
God has a way of interrupting our lives in two
dramatic ways: through adversity (and you may not
believe this) or through success. In these two ways He
speaks. Thomas Carlyle said that adversity is
something that a hundred men can usually stand and
come through, but one man in a hundred can stand to be
successful. Well, we're going to find out who that
one man is today and how he was successful. He had
power, prestige and wealth. There came a crisis in
his life but it comes in many people's lives and they
either fail or succeed. Let's look at it in the Book
of Daniel, chapter four:

1. King Nebuchadnezzar, to the peoples,
nations and men of every language, who live
in all the world: May you prosper greatly!
2. It is my pleasure to tell you about the
miraculous signs and wonders that the Most
High God has ...

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