by Jim Henry

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"God's In Control Here"
Rev. Jim Henry
Daniel 2:1-49

The year 2000 is fast approaching and with it all
kinds of speculation and interest about the future.
NBC in a prime time hour this past year presented a
program about the future and about prophecy. NBC
pulled together several prophecies and material about
some of the prognosticators of the future. One of the
objects they spent a great amount of time on was the
Giza pyramid of Egypt. There are two corridors in that
great pyramid that contain many markings indicating
events and their time lines The program pointed out
that these markings had been accurate in the matter of
time for such events as the giving of the law of Moses
at Mount Sinai; for the approximate birth date of
Jesus Christ and for the forecast of the time of two
world wars. It was an interesting thing to see and
hear, that program. It was also prophesied in these
pyramid markings that May 5, 2000 will be the date for
the end of the world.

Richard Noone, a prognosticator who has done a
great deal of study of these kinds of things, has
written a book that points out that on that day, the
sun, the moon and all the major planets that exert
gravitational pull on the earth will be lined up. All
that force, he claims, will cause the earth to shift
on its axis. If that shift doesn't end the world, it
will at least, bring on a multitude of catastrophes,
This prophecy and others over the years, including
Nostradamus, have caused a great deal of interest
about prophecy, particularly what will be happening at
the millennial time. Now the only thing about people
such as Edgar Cayce is that they are looking at the
wrong place to foretell the future. The Bible already
tells us about the future.

Today we are going to look at Daniel's
interpretation of Nebuchadnezzar's dream which
foretold the future from about the year 600 BC all the
way to ...

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