by Jim Henry

Understanding the Times
Jim Henry
1 Chronicles 12:32

I had an interview with several people who have been asked what their thoughts were in the aftermath of September 11th. One man, and I think he was from the West Coast, made a very pungent statement. He said, ''I have sober questions that need sober answers.'' I think that he probably voiced what many people are thinking these days. Personally, I've been trying to sort out my feelings and understanding of the times. It's hard for me to pull it all together. But, I realize as I was listening, reading and watching, that a lot of people are going through ''What about this, and what about that, and who are these, and what are we going to do, and what about evil?''

And I think there is a whole lot of this going through a lot of people's minds and hearts. So this morning, I wanted to pull together several things. By no way is it thorough (I don't have the time to do that) and I hope it's not too simplistic, but at least it comes to grips with a few things that we had to start dealing with that we hadn't before September 11th, that we will have to continue dealing with in the future. So, I want to just pull these together and, hopefully, give you some help - and those you may be talking to or listening to in discussions around the water cooler, office or wherever you are. May it give you some help in talking to people about some of the issues that are now very much a part of our life.

With that in mind, I found a text to launch us today and it is in the Book of I Chronicles. Just one little verse. I Chronicles 12:32. There is a list of the tribes of Israel and the men who came to David at Hebron, as he began to assemble its kingdom and his leadership and as it mentions the tribes in verse 32, it comes to these words. ''the men of Issachar, who understood the times and knew what Israel should do. '' Understanding the Times.

These men were not talking about some astrological kind of thing, looking out into ...

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