by Jim Henry

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(My Home Forever)
Rev. Jim Henry
Psalm 23:6
Sunday, 09/03/00, 9:15 A. M. Service

This morning as we continue in the 23rd Psalm,
and looking into the last verse this morning, let's
everyone stand as we read aloud the complete 23rd
Psalm together... (read Psalm 23)

Now, would you pray with me. Father, how rich is
this powerful psalm! How we treasure it and cherish it
and love it because it tells us who You are and it
walks with us in our daily journey, all the days of
our lives. Thank You for the music that surrounds it.
As it was sung this morning it reminds us of how
wonderful You are. Thank You for the music in our
hearts that Your word has put there to remind us of
how great you are. Thank You, Lord that the symphony
of the whole world reminds us in the great creation
that the Lord is our great Shepherd.

So this morning, Lord, as we come to this last
verse, I pray that this whole psalm, will be very
precious and powerful in the lives of Your church and
for those who haven't come home to the Shepherd or
here this morning that haven't come to the pasture
land that You have prepared for them. The house that
You want them to live in forever with You as the good
great Shepherd. May this be the morning in which they
come to that eternal fold, into Your house and dwell
with the Lord forever. Let the words of my mouth and
the meditations of my heart be acceptable in Your
sight, O Lord, my strength and redeemer and my
Shepherd. In Jesus' name. Amen.

Well, here we come to the end of the 23rd Psalm;
one Psalm: six verses, twelve promises, 117 words, but
what power is in this magnificent psalm! Somebody has
called it the "He, Me" Psalm because 17 times David
refers to himself; 13 times he refers to the Lord, so
you could understand why they call it the "He, Me"

As we've looked at this Psalm we noticed in verse
one that the Shepherd is our security. In vers ...

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