by Jim Henry

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(The Awesome Power Of Marriage Vows)
The Way Home Series, Part 16 of 16
1 Peter 5:3-7
Rev. Jim Henry, Pastor
First Baptist Church, Orlando

Sunday, 04/30/00, 9:15 AM Service

This is something from the paper, a picture of a
cat and a man. The caption says "Free To A Good Home."
Under the cat's picture this is what it says:
"Beautiful six-months' old male kitten; orange and
caramel tabby, playful, friendly, very affectionate,
ideal for family with kids, or (then under the man's
picture) "Handsome thirty-two-year-old husband,
personable, funny, good job, but doesn't like cats. He
says he goes or the cat goes. Call, Jennifer 265-5543.
Come see both and decide which one you'd like!"

Now that's a marriage that's really getting it
on, I can tell that. I don't know if that couple is
here today, but I would wish that they would be for
this service and for next Sunday as well. Some folks
were mixed up and thought this Sunday was the Sunday
we were to exchange the vows and that is next Sunday.
This Sunday I'm going to talk about those vows; next
Sunday will be a wedding service as such; we will have
all the candles going and all the music. Then, those
of you who are married will have the opportunity to
stand where you are and exchange your vows and rings.

We have something special which we will give to
you and which you will sign--a covenant marriage
document. We think it will be very special to you; the
words are fresh and new. As a part of that service you
will have the opportunity to vow before God and each
other your commitment and your love. I hope those who
are single will come and be cheerleaders and
encouragers for all those who will be renewing their
vows next Sunday.

I think it will be very special because marriages
are facing their challenges; there will be about four
million marriage ceremonies in this country this year,
but sometime in the next fifteen year ...

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