by Jim Henry

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(Work or Home-Work?)
The Way Home Series, Part 10 of 16
Titus 2:4-5
Rev. Jim Henry, Pastor
First Baptist Church, Orlando

Sunday, 03/19/00, 9:15 AM Service

During a science lesson in elementary school, the
teacher was trying to help her young class in science
studies learn about magnets. She asked them this
question, "My name starts with 'M', I pick up things.
What am I?" Half the class said, "Mother"! Many times
that's what we think about our mothers, don't we. They
do pick up things. Mothers are a very special
commodity--there's just one of them for each of us.
They are wonderful, wonderful people.

Mothers today are facing very difficult times;
facing a difficult time of what they want to be.
Mothers today are in the crossroads; they're facing
the crossfire of a culture that is demanding, in one
sense, that they work beyond the home. Yet their inner
instincts say they would rather be at home with their
children, mothering them. We live in a fast society,
don't we? There's a push for everything; even mothers
are in a hurry. That's why today when you go to the
hospital to have a baby, you're there for one day. It
used to be five or six days and now you know what HMO
stands for--"Hurry Mothers Out"!

God has a process for children and it's not in a
hurry. It takes time and that process is parenting,
and a very important part of that process is the
mother's role. This morning, as I share with you from
God's Word, I realize that some of you may be hearing
this for the first time; some of you may have heard a
little bit of it before. I find usually, in our
culture, many people have never heard it. About the
only place you'll hear it will be in the church, so,
I'm going to talk about mothers working at home. I
hope you understand, those of you who are working
outside the home, I am not condemning those who work
outside the home. I just want to plant a thought in
yo ...

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