by Jim Henry

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(Living In The Wake Of A Prodigal Child)
The Way Home Series, Part 9 of 16
Luke 15:11-24
Rev. Jim Henry, Pastor
First Baptist Church, Orlando

Sunday, 03/12/00, 9:15 A.M. Service

Before we begin the message this morning I would like
for you to hear a very personal story that graphically
bears on today's sermon topic, "When A Believer's
Child Strays." Here to tell HER story is Jeanna

"My name is Jeanna Castranova and today Brother Jim is
going to be sharing on the prodigal child. Nineteen
years ago I stood on a platform downtown with Brother
Jim. I had just had a baby and Brother Jim was so
wonderful and fatherly, like he is, and he asked me
all the specifics: her name, her weight and so on. I
said she was named Adrian and she weighed eleven
pounds at birth. There were so many hopes and so many
dreams for that eleven pound baby girl.

"Time went on and I did the best that I could as a
mother, we all do. I brought her to church, she was in
choir and Bible study. We home schooled for many years
and then she enrolled here at the First Academy. So
she knew the ways of the Lord and professed to be a
Christian. In the ninth grade she became friends with
a girl who professed to be a Christian as well. Then,
literally within a matter of days, we lost her heart.
She did not have a heart for the Lord and for His
righteousness any more and, she didn't have a heart
for her family, anymore. It became very apparent to me
we were in a critical place. As I prayed and as I had
prayed for years, the Lord just kept telling me
'Jeanna, she's going to be tall and strong in the

"But what I kept seeing was that Adrian was tall and
strong in herself. I would see, time after time after
time and phone call after phone call after phone call
from the school, from neighbors, from the sheriff's
department, bad reports that a mother does not want to
get. I can rememb ...

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