by Jim Henry

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(Surviving Infidelity)
The Way Home Series, Part 8 of 16
Psalm 51:12-17
Rev. Jim Henry, Pastor
First Baptist Church Orlando

Sunday, 03/05/00, 9:15 A.M. Service

"We have all seen them, pictures of the
twisted wreckage that tornadoes bring. The foundation
is left but all that remains of the actual building
are splinters of wood, chunks of concrete and broken
glass. Imagine being confronted with this scenario:
your house is destroyed by a tornado; you examine the
pile of trash you once called home. As you walk
through, you see bits and pieces of your life that are
now smashed. Memories of what once was, and will never
be exactly the same again, stab at your heart; it
literally feels like a stab. The agony is
overwhelming, this must be a dream.

"In your wildest imagination this could not
really be your life; this happens to other families
other people, not you, not yours. Then you discover
that you can't just go to the one who insured you and
get a new home built. The insurance company lied; they
made you believe they would be there in the event of a
tragedy, but you call on them and they have nothing
for you; you are told that you have to rebuild from
the sticks and stones remaining of your home.

"The followimg is a recounting of a tragic time:
"These images best describe my heart and in fact, my
whole life, after I found out that my husband was
having an affair. Nothing in the world could have
prepared me for the painful rebuilding that comes
after the fact. At times the task seemed and still
seems impossible. At times I felt just like sitting
in the ruins of my life and crying; it felt like it
was just too difficult to handle. I look back over
the rubble of our marriage and see the same bits and
pieces that you might see walking through the rubble
of a storm. I remember the security and happiness I
once felt; I can almost see it ground to pieces, the ...

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