by Jim Henry

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The Way Home Series (part 6 of 16)
Song of Songs
Rev. Jim Henry, Pastor
First Baptist Church, Orlando

Sunday, 02/13/00, 9:15 A.M. Service

Here's a headline in a recent Orlando Sentinel:
"Looking for Good Sex? Try the Good Book."

"In the Beginning was the Word and the Word was
Sex." No, that isn't an excerpt from yet another
watered down interpretation of the Bible. It's the
Bible according to Dr. Ruth. "God is the ultimate sex
therapist" she writes in her latest book, "Heavenly
Sex." Dr. Ruth Westheimer has written thirteen books,
has a syndicated sex column and has hosted numerous
radio and television shows and is known for her blunt
and often-humorous sex advice. Her latest book, co-
written with author Jonathan Mark focuses on the
spirituality of sex. "The ultimate threesome for great
sex is two people, committed in love, plus God. God
isn't separated from great sex, God is the source of
it," she writes. She said her ideas are right out of
the Good Book.

Well, Dr. Ruth is exactly right about that. You
know we live in a sex-saturated society. But the Bible
takes it, this very special gift and puts it in the
proper framework. This morning I want to deal with
this special gift from God in the context of this
series of sermons on the family. You see, some think
the church should not speak to it or deal with it. I
don't know about you all, but some people I've met
have said church is not the proper place. Either I
wasn't listening, but I think I would have heard
something about the subject, but when I was growing
up, while in elementary, high school and college and
afterwards I never heard a message, never had a Sunday
School lesson; nobody ever spoke of anything out of
the Bible which deals quite a bit about Godly, spirit-
filled, wonderful, heavenly sex. Intimacy--nobody ever
dealt with it. I don't know why in retrospect.

Come to ...

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