by Jim Henry

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(Wives' Responsibilities)
The Way Home Series, Part 4 of 16
Titus 2 & 1 Peter 3
Rev. Jim Henry, Pastor
First Baptist Church, Orlando

Sunday, 1/30/00, 9:30 a.m. Service

I heard about this little girl who was attending
her first wedding. Sitting with her mother, she was
taking it all in; her eyes were that big when she
turned and looked back up the aisle as the bride came
in, all decked out as only a bride can be. As she
watched the bride she whispered to her mother, "Mommy,
why is she dressed in white?" Her mother leaned over
and whispered to her, trying to make it as simple as
she could: "Honey, the white represents happiness and
this is the happiest day of her life." The little girl
thought a minute and then she asked, "Why is the man
dressed in black?"

It's not easy being a husband these days. An
interesting thing I read recently stated that after
the age of 24, men have a twenty percent higher rate
of suicide than women. After the age of 40, men begin
to die sooner than women. Men find a lot of pressure
in today's world. Fewer own their own home or land and
are no longer the male authority in the home. The
democratic set up, along the way, has gradually moved
the male from the one place where he thought he had a
little leadership.

That lack of male leadership is being reflected
in our society. Many times today we hear leaders in
business or the military saying that they just can't
find male leadership, men who can step out and lead.
Husbands today, men today, are facing a very difficult
time. Women do also, they face a super woman image,
but men face the super man image. He faces the
presidential image, a powerful image; he faces a
senator who is brilliant; or an athlete who is
stylish. He faces the business executive who has it
all together and here's the husband, bread winner and,
hopefully, the man looked up to by his family and he's
havin ...

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