by Jim Henry

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Rev. Jim Henry, Pastor
First Baptist Church Orlando
3000 S. John Young Parkway
Orlando,Florida 32805-5591

"When God Is At Work"
Acts 8:4-25

Sunday, 4/21/96, 9:30a.m. Service

He had determined he was going to leave his wife of several years.
In spite of her pleas and those of the children and family he just
thought he was going to leave her. Then, one night the light of God
fell on that man and he came back home with tears in his eyes and
said, "Forgive me. How could I even think about breaking my vows
to Christ and you. Will you have me back?" God at work.

The pistol was lying on the table. She felt that life was no longer
worth living. Yet, in that moment, God spoke to her in such a
special way. He would take care of her and help her in her needs
and she would be able to raise her children in His grace. She put
away the pistol. God was at work.

A man hated; he had so much prejudice that he was ready to fight
or do whatever it took. This man in the clothing store in Little Rock
said, "It will never happen; there will never be integration in our
schools!" One day Jesus Christ came into Jimmy's heart and the
clothing store owner became a new man. He not only embraced
Christ, but also had room there in his heart for everybody. God
was at work.

He sat across the table from me, a young looking guy in his thirties.
He was in a country where there was great persecution and yet,
this young Baptist preacher had felt God wanted him to plant a
church there. He had found a little building and started a church.
Now, every Sunday morning three worship services are held, with
people being turned away because of the large crowds who come.
Although the government and the religious powers in that country
are making it difficult for him to grow the church and build a larger
building, his church just keeps adding services and still more and
more people ar ...

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