by Jim Henry

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Life Happens (10 of 11)
Rev. Jim Henry, Pastor
Acts 6:1-8:3
Sunday, 4/14/96, 9:30 a.m. Service

I don't know if you have missed it; you probably
haven't, but have you ever seen that little bumper
sticker? When I see it it's so obnoxious it really,
just does something to me! It's an expletive which
then says: "Happens." You know what I'm talking about
because you also see it on T-shirts. You know when I
see that, the first thing that I want to do --in my
old nature--is to crash into the car and say: "It sure
does!!" Then I think better of it. I think, no, if the
guy is that stupid his brain is probably not in the
upright and locked position and no telling what he
would do, so I'm not going to do anything. But, man,
it's awful! Why don't they put on their bumper
sticker: "LIFE Happens!"? Because Jesus came to give
us Life and to give it to us more abundantly even in
the difficult things. Someone has said if you write a
book of your life each chapter should begin with
choices. Choices we make and sometimes choices we
don't make, but life happens and we receive
experiences and deal with them.

Sometimes we make choices that are good, sometimes we
make choices that are bad, but we are always choosing
or are being chosen. Do you remember when you were in
school and they had the black board monitors? Some of
you can remember that you were chosen to be a black
board monitor and that was a pretty good deal. You
got to rub the black boards off and you could go
outside and dust off the erasers, at the same time
spend some time out of class. It was fun to be chosen
that or maybe on the school patrol. You remember if
you were on the school patrol what a big deal that
was. You got to wear that badge and stand at the
school crossing, make everybody stop and the tires
squealed and all that. It was wonderful to be chosen
for that or to be chosen for the ...

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