by Jim Henry

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Rev. Jim Henry, Pastor
First Baptist Church Orlando
3000 South John Young Parkway
Orlando, Florida 32805-6691


"A Good Sermon"
Acts 2:12-40

Sunday, 2/4/96, 9:30a.m. Service

Sheila wanted to go to church; she hadn't been for a while, so she
decided to get up and go. She wanted to hear the music and a
sermon, so she went and the preacher preached on Peter's
mother-in-law who was sick with a fever. It wasn't exactly what she
wanted to hear and decided to go to her mother's church, which
was out in the country, thinking she might hear a sermon that would
minister to her. Well, she got there and, lo and behold, the minister
who had preached at the church that she had visited was there.
He had been called in to supply and preached on Peter's mother-
in-law who was sick with fever. Well, she just felt spiritually
unsatisfied so she decided to give it one more chance and went to
the hospital chapel. Guess who was supplying at the hospital
chapel! It was the same pastor, preaching on Peter's mother-in-law
who was sick with a fever. Sheila was exasperated and got up the
next morning, got on the bus, started to work and, lo and behold,
this same pastor came in and sat down right beside her. She didn't
say anything; he didn't say anything. About that time an ambulance
came by, sirens churning. So, to start a conversation, the preacher
looked over there and said, "I wonder who is in it?" Sheila said,
"Probably Peter's mother-in-law. She was sick all day yesterday!"

Now that preacher thought that was a good sermon, I'm sure. A
good sermon can be expressed a lot of different ways. Some
people might say one is a good sermon. To another person
another one is a good sermon A sermon is a unique thing. It's
different than a play or a movie. It's different really from anything
else that takes place in the world. There's something unique about
a sermon.

Ale ...

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