by Jim Henry

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Living under the Influence Of - The Martha Factor (9 of 17)
Jim Henry
Luke 10:38-42

Well, when you were in school, do you remember ''pop tests''? Are you ready for this? All right. Get ready. First question, please, we'll put it on the board. What I want you to do is either make a mental note or use a pencil or pen. Check the ones that apply to you. All right, are you ready? Just check the ones that apply to you; just make a mark or mental note. There're going to be twenty of them. Pop Test. Be honest. The Lord sees your heart. Don't you dare cheat on this. Be honest! All right, here we go:

1. I am a competitive person.
2. I am not very flexible.
3. I like to be in control of myself and my environment.
4. I often focus on irrelevant details.
5. I am a perfectionist.
6. Some of my traits are at odds; I'm tidy in some areas of my life, messy in others. I'm conscientious about some things, negligent about others.
7. I give the appearance of confidence, but I feel insecure.
8. I set difficult goals and unrealistic expectations for myself, making myself vulnerable to feelings of guilt and failure.
9. I am not comfortable bearing my soul; I like to keep my emotions to myself.
10. I don't relax easily.
11. I often act compulsively. I check and re-check the door at night to make sure it is locked; I return to the kitchen to satisfy myself that the stove is off.
12. I'm preoccupied with the future; I'm always thinking about what's to come.
13. I'm dependable.
14. Being on time for appointments is a priority for me.
15. I like lists.
16. I worry too much.
17. I am an extreme person; assertive sometimes, withdrawn other times.
18. I expect total honesty and loyalty from the people closest to me.
19. I don't like spontaneity and surprises. I prefer to know what is going to happen, so I can prepare well for it.
20. On the surface, I seem to be emotionally in control, but when things don't go my way, I tend to get irritable and angr ...

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