by Jim Henry

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Rev. Jim Henry, Pastor
First Baptist Church Of Orlando
3701 L. B. McLeod Road
Orlando, Florida 32805-5591


"Angels - Ministering Spirits"
Hebrews 1: 13-14
Print 304, CT312121

It was Christmas Eve 1983. Tim Anderson, Jim and Don, friends and room-
mates, decided to leave their work in Connecticut and go home for the holidays, so
they called home and said they were on their way. As any mother would be, when
she realized that the children were heading home, she was greatly concerned
because of the weather conditions. In Chicago that night the radio and television
had said that one of the worst cold and snow storms on record was coming through
their area. She told her son Tim to be very careful.
A little bit after midnight, as she looked at her clock and watch, she realized they
were enroute. It was about an 1 8-hour drive from where they lived. She prayed a
prayer like this: "Dear God, please protect them." You've prayed a prayer like that
before, haven't you? "And, if need be, send somebody to watch over them." They
didn't have any trouble. They dropped their friend Don in Fort Wayne, Indiana, just
four hours away from their home.
By this time as Jim and Tim were driving on to Chicago, they heard the radio
announcer say, "If you don't have to go out, please don't go out. The wind chill factor is
80 degrees below zero. Please stay within your homes." They decided to take a short-
cut and hit the tollway at another place after leaving Fort Wayne. As they went along
on an isolated country road they noticed the engine began to chug. Tim accelerated,
but it wouldn't do very well. They slowed to 10-15 miles an hour. Jim looked at Tim
and said, "Do you think we're going to make it?" He said, "Sure, we're going to make it.
We'll be OK." But the car continued to slow down until finally at the crest of a little hill,
it stopped dead. He turned the key in the ignition; it was just a click. They looked far
and wide and did not even see o ...

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