by Jim Henry

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Rev. Jim Henry, Pastor
First Baptist Church Of Orlando
3701 L. B. McLeod Road
Orlando, Florida


"Ministering - Mystery Of the Ages"
Gen. 3:21-24, Rev. 22:6-9

Have you ever seen an angel? In 1985, six Russian
cosmonauts reported that they saw seven angels way up in
space. All of them gave the same story. They said they were
hundreds of feet tall and they had wings as long as a jet
plane. There was a lot of information that got out about it
and Dr. Manakov, who is spokesman for the cosmonauts was
interviewed by a French journalist about what the
cosmonauts supposedly saw out in space. His reply was,
"We've studied this very carefully and very thoroughly and
it is our understanding that what they saw was the top of
the human evolutionary scale--they were humanoids. They
were not angels, as some Christians may wish they were, but
just the tops of what humanity will ultimately be."

What did the cosmonauts see out in space? Angels have been
a subject of mystery and discussion for a long time. In
recent years there seems to be an upsurge of interest in
angels and in supernatural beings. A Gallop Poll recently
said that sixty percent of Americans believe that there are
angels. Three faiths of the world; the Jewish, the Moslem
and the Christian faith, all speak of angels.

Recently, in the movie "Grand Canyon," Kevin Kline was
getting ready to step off a curb on Wilshire Boulevard in
Los Angeles. As he got ready to step down, someone yanked
him back and a city bus went flying by. When he came to
himself, he looked around and saw a very pleasant looking
woman there with a Pittsburgh Pirate's cap on her head. He
said, "You just saved me from becoming a bug splash in the
middle of a city bus," and thanked her. And she
disappeared. As he walked down the street to his business
appointment, he got to thinking, "Where did she come from?
The Pittsburgh Pirates was my childhood team. Was this some
spec ...

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