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The Significant Simple Supper - The Lord's Supper (18 of 20)
Jim Henry
1 Corinthians 11

WE HOLD THESE TRUTHS 1 Corinthians 11

When Buzz Aldren took that historic walk on the moon some years ago, a very unusual thing happened. He called mission control and asked for complete silence for a few moments. So between the moon and earth there was no correspondence of words. He took out a little packet that he had and he opened it up. In it was bread and a cup. Buzz Aldren, first man to walk around, to break bread and take food, and he took Holy Communion on the moon. Historic event marked by a spiritual symbol.

When Roger Staubach was at the Naval Academy, Eucharist was often held there at the chapel and he never missed. His father was in the hospital some years later and was talking to a chaplain who relayed the story. He said that Roger felt so compelled to be at the Lord's Supper, the Eucharist, and he was so faithful to it that eleven other midshipmen asked for membership and asked to come into the faith simply by observing his faithfulness to participate in the Lord's Supper. The Lord's Supper is a very powerful, unique symbol. This morning I -would like for US- to share and understand something of this wonderful dynamic that God has given us in His Word.

First of all, I want us to look at its meaning. What does it mean when we take the Lord's Supper? There are two or three views of what taking the Lord's Supper means. One comes from our Catholic friends and that is called transubstantiation.

They believe that when you take the wafer and the cup, it literally becomes the body and the blood of Jesus when it comes into your body. At the Reformation, in the beginning of what is called the Lutheran church today, they changed that just a little bit and they called it consubstantiation. That means basically that it does not literally become the body and blood of Christ, but it becomes the presence of Christ at the taking of the Supper.

Then there is ...

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