by Jim Henry

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Rev. Jim Henry, Pastor
First Baptist Church Of Orlando
3701 L. B. McLeod Road
Orlando, Florida 32805-5591


"The Glory Of God - The Church"
Ephesians 3:20 & 21
Print 293, CT1 12082

Ephesians 3:
20. "Now to him who is able to do immeasurably
more than all we ask or imagine, according to
his power that is at work within us, to him be
glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout
all generations forever and ever." Amen.
Judith Voorhees, who's written several books including How To Become Forty
And Other Atrocities and also If I Were In Charge Of The World and Other Worries,
has pictured a little fellow by the name of Alexander. He's about five or six years old,
and if you can remember when you were five or six, you might picture what he says.
This is what she writes about Alex as he's thinking about his world. Alexander, six
years old, says, "If I were in charge of the world, I'd cancel oatmeal, Monday mornings,
and allergy shots. If I were in charge of the world, there would be brighter night lights,
healthier hamsters, and basketball baskets forty-eight inches lower. If I were in charge
of the world, you wouldn't have lonely, you wouldn't have clean, you wouldn't have
bedtimes, or 'Don't punch your sister'; you wouldn't even have sisters. If I were in
charge of the world, a chocolate sundae with whipped cream and nuts would be a
vegetable. All 007 movies would be 'G' and a person who sometimes forgot to brush
and sometimes forgot to flush would still be alive to be in charge of the world if I were in
charge of the world." Have you ever thought, if you were in, charge of the world, wh-at
you would do7
Well, a pastor said, and I agree with him, "If I were in charge of the world, first of
all, I'd try to heal all the church divisions and I would do everything I could to help stop
all the church gossip, and I'd do everything I could to help people in the church who
have scars and are wounded in the church ...

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