by Jim Henry

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Rev. Jim Henry, Pastor
First Baptist Church Of Orlando
3701 L. B. McLeod Road
Orlando, Florida 32805-6691


CAREER- -"Caught Between Floors"
Joshua 1:1-9
Print 280, CT 207.

There is a new phenomenon taking place in the United States. It used to be that
when a man went to take a job, he could expect a promotion, perhaps every two or
three years. But now that has changed to every five to seven years even if that
happens. And that is becoming increasingly rare. This is very important to a man from
the time he leaves high school - some of our men did that; they were just high school
graduates - suddenly it hits you that you have to make a living. Are you going to go on
an-d get some more- preparation or immediately enter the work field? It hits you that this
is what I am going to be doing, maybe, for the rest of my life.
At about the age of twenty-two to twenty-five, he has probably finished most of
his preparation for that career, or a good part of it is behind him. From twenty-five to
thirty-five, he is aggressive as he pursues this line of work that he feels like he ought to
be doing. He is looking for promotion, for financial security, for acceptance, for reward
from his peers and for his family.
But at the age of thirty-five to forty, several things begin to happen. He realizes
his future may be limited in terms of promotion and success and creativity. When that
time comes, he realizes that no longer is he the rising young man in the company, but
he is now expected to be the guy who pulls his own weight in the company. With that,
he begins to recognize that climbing the ladder may not carry him as high as he
thought it would. He realizes that he may be at a place where the rungs of the ladder
begin to disappear and he finds himself either without the ability to climb it, or with the
ability to climb it and not getting there, or finding someone else has climbed past him.
In any case, the man may find his career a ...

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