by Jim Henry

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Rev. Jim Henry, Pastor
First Baptist Church Of Orlando
3701 L. B. McLeod Road
Orlando, Florida 328056691


FAMILY - "Take Time To Be A Hero"
II Samuel 13 & 14
Print 276, CT~502

Some time ago a radio disc jockey took a poll of teenagers and he had 200
teenagers respond to the poll. He asked them, "Who are your heroes?" Hero #1 was
Prince, #2 was Madonna and #3 was Michael Jackson. Not one teenager listed
Mother or Daddy as their hero.
How do you define a hero? Someone has said that a hero is first of all a person
who does some courageous act that brings the admiration of people around them. For
instance, a person who dives into a river and rescues a person who is drowning would
be called a hero. Another person has defined a hero as a person who reaches out in
some cause or makes some specific contribution to society in a worthy way. That is a
hero. And that is the kind of hero I want to talk about this morning as we talk about
men who are heroes and taking time to be heroes. Josh McDowell has defined a hero
as any father or mother demonstrating the kind of compassion, character, consistency
and integrity that adds up to being a positive role model. That is a hero.
Now most of us would look at David and call him a hero. After all, when you look
at a teenage guy who takes on Goliath who was a hero of the Philistines and whips
him, you have to say this was a noble cause. That is a hero! Then you have got to
say, "Here is a man who conquered Jerusalem, brought Israel together as a nation,
made-the most powerful nation of its day and time." That would be a hero. Here is a
man who wrote the Psalms--that would be a hero. But also you would understand that
there were some chapters of David's life that aren't so pretty and one of the reasons
that I know the Bible is the Word of God is that it includes the bad side as well as the
good side of all of us human beings. Chapters 13 and 14 of 11 Samuel are some of the
sadde ...

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