by Jim Henry

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Rev. Jim Henry, Pastor
First Baptist Church Of Orlando
3701 L. B. McLeod Road
Orlando, Florida 32805-5591


CHARACTER - "Falling Off The Pyramid"
Exodus 2:11-15, Acts 7:20-30
Print 275, CT 204262

The Boston Globe recently had a headline that said, "Wanted! Some stout-
hearted men." What that headline was saying is what many people are now
recognizing as an international crisis, a crisis of leadership and productivity. And so
much of it falls back on the fact that men are no longer the kind of leaders and the kind
of men who can produce the character and give the leadership that a troubled world
needs today.
This crisis in manhood is international in scope. We see it in South America
where men feel so hopeless that alcoholism is rampant; in Australia and Central
America where the macho-man is certainly out of kilter with what the Bible teaches a
man should be and a man should do; in Scotland where depression has led to an all-
time high of hurt and pain and defeated lives; in England where the Royal Family sees
its family going to pieces around it and particularly her men; in the Philippines where a
matriarchal society, over a period of time, has led a growing rise of homosexuality; in
Nigeria where men brutalize their wives, so much so that the nation is embarrassed; in
our own country where feminism has succeeded in deleting specific gender terms, so
much so that recently in a church in South Carolina they have eliminated all gender
terms related to the Word of God and to the songs, taking out the "he's" and references
to God as Father. Gays march with banners saying, "I hate straight!" and therefore it
has brought great confusion in the land and around the world.
When the world is in crisis for leadership there is no longer, it seems to me, the
kind of men who can lead. And it all boils down to a matter of character. Where are
the people of character, the people who through the years have risen to the occasion, ...

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