by Jim Henry

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Jim Henry, Pastor
First Baptist Church of Orlando
3701 L. B. McLeod Road
Orlando, Florida 32805-6691


Proverbs 5-6
Print 261, CT 810231

We are going to be looking at a very important topic, the
matter of morals, the price that is paid for immorality, and
the beauty of marriage with commitment. It is all in the Book
of Proverbs.
Ann Landers received this letter:
"Last night I had sex with 4,096 people. Impossible
you say. You are wrong. I'm a divorced woman who
an had a faithful lover for qta- te some time. Last
night I had too much to drink and, like a crazy fool,
I had sex with a man I had met several times at the
tennis club. He admitted having sex with eight
'perfectly' respectable female partners over the last
year. I worked the chart backwards the same as in
our tennis seating. I took those eight women and
assumed that they had also slept with eight men each,
and each of those eight men had had sex with eight
women, etc. etc. By using simple arithmetic progression,
after only three series, I realized that I had been
exposed somewhere along the line to 4,096 persons plus
one. How can I assume that there was no one in that
family tree who was not an AIDS carrier, if only through
a blood transfusion? I understand there are 10,000
carriers in our state alone. How do I know that I
haven't been seeded? And I don't mean tennis!"
Dear Scared: You have focused on the aspect of AIDS
that makes it such a terrifying disease.. .add to this
the nightmare of this horror that a person can have the
AIDS virus without knowing it and infect a partner. More
and more it appears that the only way to insure staying
healthy is abstinence or a monogamous relationship with
someone who is perfectly safe."
Sex with 4,096 people. You know, when you think about
that, you realize what this woman had experienced in fear and
running scared. The writer of Proverbs, though he did not know

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