by Jim Henry

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Jim Henry, Pastor
First Baptist Church
3701 L. B. McLeod Road
Orlando, Florida 32805-6691

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Hebrews 11:32; I SAMUEL 17

You may have seen the movie, "Hoosier." If so, you were thrilled
to see that little group of boys from a small village learn how to play
ball together and go all the way to the state championship. The
country boys played the big city school in a typical David and Goliath
The big city boys had a great record, they'd been in the play-offs
before and they were cool, collected and calm. The country boys,
meanwhile, had come with awe, very few players and hardly anyone that
could go into the game besides their first five. They took on that
great big, tough city team and they won the final Indiana State
Championship. In that state, the teams aren't divided into Class A or
AA, AAA teams. They are mixed altogether and the best team comes out
on top. This little team whipped them all! It was one of those movies
that make you want to cheer. In fact, the night I was there, the
people did cheer.
We Americans are made that way. We seem to love the underdog, and
I think perhaps it may have come from this experience taught in the
Scripture of David and Goliath. Most of us look at life as some kind
of David and Goliath experience. We feel that most of the time we are
the Davids, looking at the Goliaths of life. It can happen in many
different ways, but we often find ourselves looking squarely in the eye
of some giant, when it looks very much, practically speaking, that the
giant will prevail.
Yet, there is something in us that says that David can win, and I
believe it goes back to this Scripture, I Samuel 17, and I believe that
the Holy Spirit inspired the writer of Hebrews to include it and the
story of David in the Scriptures. Out of all the things that happened
in his life, I believe this story out of I Samuel is perhaps the
epitome of ...

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