by Jim Henry

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Samson: A Restored Faith
Jim Henry
Hebrews 11:32

Hebrews 11:32; Judges 16 Again, we look at the story of Samson, whose life we've been exploring in several segments, realizing that he, like all who live in the world, are challenged by sin. And yet, by God's grace, even at the very end of his life he was enabled to be called a Hero of the Faith.

Let's look at the awful tragedy which preceded that marvelous touch of grace. In Hebrews 11:32 we read about the heroes of faith, and Samson was included. It's hard to understand, but I think as we study Judges, chapter 16, it will become more clear to us.

Sometime ago, while preaching a series of messages on the family, I was reading a very helpful book. The author said something like this: ''It is sobering to think that God has created me to crave a one-flesh relationship with my wife.

The same desire for someone else,- the B-ible calls ''lust.'' Lust is the one-dimensional--thus unchecked search for fellowship. It is a quest for a counterfeit fellowship. It steps outside the bounds of God's laws and paves a freeway to ultimate moral and spiritual destruction.

You can begin to see why society left with nothing but physical relationships from which to gain satisfaction, would simply satiate itself with more and more sexual stimulation. We cannot under- estimate battle conditions in a world bent on destroying one-flesh relationships. Every time a man leaves his home, he will be confronted with the impressions of advertising, the conversations of people who think they know a better way, and of members of the opposite sex who are not only willing to enjoy the attentions of other men or women, but who, by their dress and actions, actively seek it.

A godly husband gives his wife a firm arm upon which to lean. He keeps himself removed from suspicion; he avoids the places where he could either be tempted or suspected. He respects his wife's mind and judgment. He affirms her for her value as a woman and as a chi ...

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