by Jim Henry

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Jim Henry, Pastor
First Baptist Church
3701 L. B. McLeod Road
Orlando, Florida 32805
Reprinted Frozen Radio Projram, "WE BELIEFVL
Program 161, CT 407223

(Matthew 6:10)

When our political conventions are in full swing at election year, if
you're not careful, as you listen you may think that Utopia is just
around the corner! The Mid-East problems will soon be solved,
inflation and all of the economic problems will disappear, all of the
injustice cured, anad crime taken care of by one man or one party. And
as much as we pray and yearn for all of that, the reality of the
matter is that the kingdom of God has not yet fully come upon earth.
The kingdon of God is very important in the Word of God. For
instance, in Matthew you will find the kingdom of God, or the kingdom
of Heaven mentioned forty-nine times. In the Book of Mark, you will
find it sixteen times. In the Book of Luke, it's mentioned
thirty-eight times. Therefore, if the kingdom of God or the kingdom
of heaven is mentioned so frequently in the Scriptures, it has to be a
central theme for the believer.
An unusual thing about the term, kingdom of God, (or, kingdom of
heaven, which is used inter-relatedly) is that it is never completely
defined in the Bible. Consequently, we are led to try to understand
and to seek its meaning just from those words which Jesus used.
When we look at the Model Prayer, we find this phrase in Matthew, Mark
and Luke: "Thy Kingdom come." What does it mean? I think we must
notice, first of all, the insistence of this petition. There is an
insistent note to it: "Thy Kingdom come."
The word, "Thy," is a pronoun. "Kingdom" is taken from the word,
"basalia," and it means, "the rule," or, "the reign." So, when you see
the phrase, "Thy kingdom come," in the Scripture, you can really say,
"Thy rule," or, "Thy reign come," in heart and in life. It means not
a physical kingdom, as in the Holy Roman Empire, or the Hapsburg
Dynasty, or Charl ...

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