by Jim Henry

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Series: Real Men
Jim Henry
James l:l9

Real men communicate with their wives. In the Bible it doesn't say,
"Men, here's how you're supposed to communicate with your wife." Yet,
we know that there are some principles and I want to share that some
are very important for real men in their relationship to their wives
in building a strong Christian home.
Verse 19,
This you know, my beloved brethren, but let
everyone be quick to hear, slow to speak and slow
to anger.
Well, how do you love your husband? What's the most important thing
in a marriage? Is it love? You can't love a person, until you know
him. You can't know a person until you communicate; therefore, when
you communicate, and you know the person, then you can truly love him.
In America, approximately one out of every two to two-and-a-half
marriages end in divorce. Why? People who study the family say that
forty to fifty percent of the marriages break up because there is
failure in communication. If you don't communicate, you don't know
each other; if you don't know each other, you don't love each other;
you don't love each other, divorce is usually the result.
Knowing this, it is very important that we communicate. Sometimes men
don't understand this. A poll was taken of married men to see if they
were happy. Seventy-five percent said they were, but when their wives
were asked, only twenty-five percent thought their husbands were
happy. Apparently the men were perceiving their marriage completely
different. The men thought they were happy; their wives did not feel
so good about it. There was a lack of understanding because of a lack
of communication.
There was a man who decided he was going to get up every Saturday and
fix breakfast for his wife just out of sheer love. He didn't tell her
what he was going to do. He just got up, fixed breakfast for her and
cleaned the house. Every Saturday. He did it for ten years. Never
explained it -- He just ...

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