by Jim Henry

Jim Henry, Pastor
First Baptist Church
3701 L.B. McLeod Road
Orlando, FL 32805
Reprinted from Radio Program, "WE BELIEVE"
Program #145, CT#109063

I Samuel 31

As we continue studying the life of David, we're not so much looking at him
as we are two people who impacted his life in particular. Chapter 31 ends on a
tragic and sad note. Saul wrote his own epitaph and I'll share it with you in
just a moment.
Have you ever walked through a cemetery in the country or city? Just walked
through and looked at the tombstones? I guess it may sound a little weird, but
I do that every once in a while. There's just something fascinating to me about
In South Carolina, sometime ago, I went through a graveyard beside a little
Episcopal church. It was just absolutely fascinating to see tombstones dating
back into the 1700's. There were names of people who had gone to be with the
Lord - and some who probably didn't. But they were there anyway.
It was so interesting to read what people had put on tombstones. They don't
do that much now-a-days, you know, most of the time you just see the name, a
date and a dash and that's all. That's how most of us are going to end up
anyway, there's just going to be a starting date and a stopping date and a dash
in between. That's kind of the way life is -- a starting and a stopping and a
dash in between. That's all right if you're in Jesus, that's the beginning, but
every person writes his own epitaph by his life.
Out in a western state a pastor was walking in a cemetery and he found these
absolutely amazing words:
"Beneath this sod,
A clump of clay
Lies Arabella Young
Who on the 26th of May
Began to hold her tongue."
Well, that said a lot about Arabella, didn't it? I remember in interviewing
athletes for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes we used to ask them: "What
would you like written on your epitaph? If you had one sentence to be put down
to be remembered by, what would you ...

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