by Jim Henry

Jim Henry, Pastor
First Baptist Church
3701 L.B. McLeod Road
Orlando, FL 32805
Reprinted from Radio Program, "WE BELIEVE"
Program #144, CT#108163

I Samuel 27

Let's look at God's Word and let Him speak to us through it as we continue
in the study of the making of a man of God. We're going to see the clay feet of
our brother David, and at the same time reflect on our own pilgrimage.
Lucy was having a conversation and I think it was with Linus, I'm not sure.
But he was philosophizing somewhat and he said, "Well, in every life there are
ups and downs. Everybody has their ups and their downs." And Lucy said, "I
don't want any ups and downs. All I want in my life is ups, ups, ups!"
That's the way a lot of us would like to live. We'd like to say, "Lord,
just give me ups, ups, ups." But it isn't that way, and as we study David we'll
see that here is a man that God has been using in a wonderful way, but he comes
to a period of his life which is quite different. He got into a carnal
relationship as a believer in one God, and then out of that he went into a state
of depression.
Depression is real today. It is as old as mankind. Hippocrates even
mentioned that some of his patients were diagnosed as having depression. Every
year in the United States, seventy thousand people succeed in committing
suicide. Many mare try and da not succeed, Fully one-half of those who succeed
in suicide, do so because they are severely depressed. There are six million
severely depressed people in our country.
Tim LaHaye has spoken to over one hundred thousand people in face-to-face
confrontations and seminars. He said, "I have asked those one hundred thousand
people, "How many of you have been depressed at one time or another?" And he
said, "Without a single exception, in one hundred thousand people that I've
spoken to, it has been unanimous. Everyone there has held up their hand and
said, 'At some time, I have experienced depression."'
Martin Luther ...

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