by Jim Henry

Jim Henry, Pastor
First Baptist Church
3701 L.B. McLeod Road
Orlando FL 32805
Reprinted from Radio Program, "WE BELIEVE"
Program #142, CT#107263

I Samuel 24

God's Word is so very practical and has such power to teach us about our
living every day. As we study the life of David, we'll see he's not a perfect
man. But God's Word certainly does not hold back from telling us his strengths
as well as his weaknesses. This particular chapter shows God working in David's
life in a very powerful way. I've entitled this message "How to Get Revenge."
A better title might be: "How NOT to Get Revenge," but we'll let God's Word
teach us.
You probably read in the paper a while back about revenge in a small town.
It was the story of a man who was the town drunkard and bully. All kinds of
charges had been filed against him. Because of his notorious meanness the whole
town hated him. He'd go to jail, or he'd come before a judge but the judge
would let him loose and soon he'd be back, mistreating his family and abusing
the little people in the city. Nobody could do anything with him.
Finally one day the circumstances were just right and he was in a position
where there was a crowd of people around him, and somebody took a weapon and
killed him. Nobody would say who did it. They felt that probably no charges
would be made, and no one would try to find the murderer, because they all felt
that the man, the paper said, "deserved what he got." It was REVENGE. Getting
This is something that we all have t-o Lo-k at and deal with at one time or
another. Because, you see, in all of our lives there have been people who have
offended us in one way or another, and there arises within us the desire to get
even. It could have been a teacher who didn't give you that extra point or that
grade that you needed for a scholarship. Maybe it was a teacher who embarrassed
you in front of the class when you were in the first or second grade. But
y ...

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