by Jim Henry

David and Goliath
Jim Henry
1 Samuel 17

One of the great stories of the Bible is contained in this passage. Often when you think of David, you think of Goliath at the same time. Most of us cut our Old Testament teeth'' on the story of David and Goliath. It's the classic example of the underdog, the little man against the big one, and we're going to look at it in terms not only of what happened literally, but also what God intended to be included spiritually for edification in our own lives.

We all have giants in our lives. Who are your giants? These giants are different, I'm sure. What may be a giant to me may not be a giant to you, or your neighbor's giant may not be a giant to you. But everybody has some kind of giant in their lives.

It may be in the form of a disappointment that's come your way. It may be the job promotion you didn't get. It may be a child that just didn't come up to your expectation. It may be the challenge that's in front of you and you're saying, ''Lord, I don't know if I can handle that or not!''
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