by Jim Henry

Jim Henry, Pastor
First Baptist Church
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Jim Henry, Pastor
Radio Program #137

(I Samuel 16)

Eleven years ago when we were in Israel I took a Sunday afternoon
and went up to the Tomb of David. There were not very many people up
there and I was absolutely touched and amazed as I stood at a distance
and looked at this ornamental tomb. Some ladies came in, and they
began to touch the cloth that had been thrown over that sepulcher.
Then in a few moments they knelt down and began to weep and pray in
what I supposed was Hebrew. I did not know what they were saying.
As I stood there and watched this act of adoration, I realized
that David, the sweet singer of Israel, was still alive in the hearts
of many of the Jewish people today. So, when we come to study David,
we're lookin-g at a man who is still cherish-ed an-d treasured- by th-e
Hebrew heart and mind.
When you think of David you'll have to remember that this was a
man who had monopolized th-e in-stitution-s af Israel, a mart who
represented everything that Israel ever hoped to be, and ever became.
- Since he was her shepherd, he represented the toiling class of
- As a musician, he spoke to the hearts of the people.
- As a soldier, he led them into the greatest victories they've ever
- As her king he set out their priestly laws and what they were to
be as a people.
- As a priest he offered a broken and contrite heart, as well as
the blood of bulls and oxen and sheep.
- Here was the man who was the prophet, speaking of an
Everlasting King who was to come; Who would be The Great
Shepherd of Israel.
- Here was the man who was the poet. The Psalms speak of his
magnificent mind and his ability to write to the hearts and
the needs of the people.
- Here was the man, David, whom the Bible describes in two
places as, "a man after God's own heart."
When you study David you'll find that the Bible speaks of him ...

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