by Jim Henry

Jim Henry, Pastor
First Baptist Church
3701 L.B. McLeod Road
Orlando, FL 32805
Reprinted from Radio Program, "WE BELIEVE"
Program #117, CT #3

Mark 2:18-28

Lloyd Olglevie, a Presbyterian pastor out on the west coast, tells about the
time he took a group of people to the Holy Land and enroute they stopped in
Beruit, Lebanon. They went to a Christian church there and afterwards a group
of them got together for some fellowship. Of course, the translator there was
translating from the English and so the Lebanese could hear it and back and
forth, and a lady was giving her testimony. She was a lady whom Christ had set
free. She'd been a religious person, but did not have Christ. She had been
inflexible, stiff, negative and rigid. She was unaffirming and nobody liked to
be around her, and behind her back, people had given her a name, a title. She
was trying to describe herself, using this American slang, and the Lebanese
translator was trying to interpret our slang so the Lebanese could understand.
She kept trying to define what she was called by people before she met Christ,
and finally she said: "You know, I was what you call an "old bag." And he said,
"Old bag!" And his face lit up and he translated it to the people. All the
Lebanese laughed and he said, "We have those here, tool Old bags! Old bags!"
Well, there are "old bags," empty bags, because they do not have the love of
Christ. And that's not just people who are sixty or above. There are "old
bags" who are teenagers; there are "old bags" who are young adults; who are
married; or single; because somehow along the way, they have gotten religion and
Christianity mixed up. There's such a vast difference and this is the thing
Christ is pointing out in this passage.
You see, religion is man reaching for God.
Christianity is God reaching for man.
Religion is the earthly veiw.
Christianity is the heavenly view.
Religion is good views.
Christianity is Goo& ...

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