by Jim Henry

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Jim Henry, Pastor
First Baptist Church
3701 L.B. McLeod Road
Orlando, FL 32805
Reprinted from Radio Program, "WE BELIEVE"
Program #115, CT #203142

Mark 1:35-39

Charles Blair pastors a church out West, a very fine, large church. This is
his testimony:
Before he came to Christ, he was raised in a home that
was not Christian. His parents didn't go to church. They
were honest, hard-working, good citizens, but he had no
church background. He'd never been in a church building,
never heard a gospel song, didn't know anything about it.
At a very early age, he began to sell subscriptions to
Look Magazine, Collier's, and some other magazines
during the depression. He was trying to earn extra money
that way. He said that they weren't doing very well, and
just to give you a little background of his lifestyle, he
said his team-mate, selling with him, said, "Just act like
something's wrong with you physically. The people will
feel sorry for you and they'll buy our subscriptions."
So we decided that I'd be the idiot. I had to roll my
head over my shoulder, stick my tongue out, cross my eyes
and we'd go up and knock on a door. My buddy would say, 'We're
selling subscriptions. This is my brother here, he's having
a tough time, as you can see, and we sure would appreciate
any help you could give us."'
The first week they did that, they outsold everybody
in the whole company. I mean, they just blitzed them and
the super salesmen didn't know what their secret was. They
said, "Well, we're just hard workers." On and on they went.
One night they were celebrating with their buddies, and
they had brought some prostitutes to the hotel. They tried
to push one on him, but it scared him and he ran out the door.
When he went outside he said he ran just as hard as he could,
to get away from that situation. Suddenly, he heard some
people singing. He hadn't heard that kind of music before,
so he stopped and began to listen. He ...

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