by Jim Henry

Jim Henry, Pastor
First Baptist Church
3701 L.B. McLeod Road
Orlando, FL 32805
Reprinted from Radio Program "WE BELIEVE"
Program #107, CT #1721

Matthew 13:44

I don't know if you liked treasure hunting when you were a child, but we
used to go treasure hunting. We would see a movie like "Treasure Island," or
read a book or a story about pirates, and then we'd get all excited. My
brother and I have been known to go out into the backyard, start looking for
treasure, find a shovel, and start digging holes in the backyard. Of course,
Mother and Daddy would come out and want to know what we were doing in the
backyard, digging holes, and we'd tell them we were looking for treasure. They
didn't encourage us a great deal to keep looking, particularly with little holes
all over the backyard.
There were times we'd go out to my granddaddy's place. They had a big farm
and out there you could dig holes just about anywhere. Sometimes we'd find
something. We'd be playing and we'd find a little rock under the ground, and
our imagination would begin to cook, and we'd say, "Maybe a pirate hid a big
treasure chest down under this big rock!" Boy, we'd go get the shovel and the
pic and we'd go out there and start digging and lifting those stones and rocks,
going down deep, and we'd see something and we'd say, "It must be just beyond
that." We'd dig a little bit further. Of course, we never found anything, but
our imaginations.... Oh, my. We had a thrill thinking about what could be
there, some treasure that somebody hid a long time ago. We were going to find
it, and how rich we'd be! Well, we never found any. But you know that hope and
excitement you have when you're a kid is great. Folks don't ever really
outgrow it. You know, they're still searching for treasure today.
Outside our coastal limits here in Florida, men have been looking for the
gold, silver, and the relics of the Spanish galleons that went up and down o ...

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