by Jim Henry

Jim Henry, Pastor
First Baptist Church
3701 L.B. McLeod Road
Orlando, FL 32805
Reprinted from Radio Program, "WE BELIEVE1"
Program #99, CT #1239

Joshua 7:1-7

You're familiar with Charlie Brown, Peanuts and all those favorite
characters. You may remember when Charlie Brown made a very profound statement.
In fact he makes a lot of profound statements, but this one was just really
good. They were in a very deep theological discussion, and Charlie says, "We
have spotted the enemy and he is us."
When you talk about sin, you've got to say, "We've spotted the enemy and he
is us." He's wrapped in our skin. He does what our hands do. He says what our
tongues say. He goes where our feet go. He is us. But the interesting thing
about him is this: he is very difficult to recognize.
&econiuy, because he is difficult to recognize, he just doesn't seem to want
to come out and fight, he wants to hide. It's very difficult to recognize your
own sin, and when you recognize it, to admit it; and when you've admitted it, to
do something about it. But, you see, that very fact that sin is an enemy and a
destroyer, is what God is trying to tell us in this chapter in Joshua.
It's a very graphic picture; a portrayal of what sin does to anyone. Sin is
a destroyer. It destroys nations. The enemy is always on the inside. Germany
was defeated under Hitler because she was weak on the inside. Communism took
Russia because she was weak on the inside. If America falls, it will be because
we're weak on the inside. People don't care about freedom. People just want to
get what they want, and they're not willing to pay a price. America could fall
easily. I think Kruschev was right when he said, "We shall be able to take you
without a drop of blood." He knew that if America fell, it would be because we
were weak on the inside, because they know they can't take us otherwise. It's
always the enemy within.
It was the enemy within that destroy ...

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