by Jim Henry

Picture of Victory
Jim Henry
Joshua 5:1

One of the great Christian men of this age put it this way: ''There is no time for soft Christianity.'' We live in an age in which I believe, the lines are being drawn. God's chosen, those who really love Him, are going to have to stand more boldly for Him than ever before. Those who are not Christians and are lost are going to become more secular, more indifferent and perhaps even antagonistic towards the committed Christian. You see, we might as well face it as it is. The Bible says that we are up against three enemies in this world. The world, the flesh,
and the devil.

The world is the system of things as we see it. It's the combination of philosophy, religion, art, and sciences, and education, and all of those things that make up the warp and woof of life. These are alright in themselves, but you see, Satan takes advantage and secularizes the world through them and works what he wants to through the world system. The world, then becomes an enemy to the Christian. Secondly, it's the flesh. What is the flesh? The flesh is that with which everyone of us is born, not just our body, it is that part of the nature which incapaci-tates us spiritually. It's a part of our lives, all of our lives. The only waythat it can be dealt with is when we get a new nature in Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit neutralizes the old flesh. The flesh is an enemy. Galatians Chapter 5 verses 19-21 defines the flesh and the works of the flesh. Paul writes them out and says,''1, 2, 3, 4, 5 -- here are the works of one flesh.'' Every man and woman who reaches the age of accountability is growing into maturity and can understand the works of the flesh.

There is a third enemy and that is the devil. The Bible classifies the devil in many ways. Two or three of his titles or descriptions are given this way. He is called the ''prince of the power of this air.'' The ''prince.'' It means he's got authority. ''The power in the air'' means powers, s ...

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