by Jim Henry

Jim Henry
Joshua 4:1-7

Some time ago, President Carter was on a tour that
took him to several nations. The men who went with him
said that the most touching and moving part of the
whole trip was when President Carter stopped at
Normandy Beach. He stood there looking at those
markers, those monuments, signifying that tremendous
battle, that change of the tide of human affairs which
switched the victory to our side. It said that he was
moved to tears as he looked at that monument and
thought of the great price that was paid for freedom.

You see, we are accustomed to landmarks, monuments,
and those things that bring reminders to our minds and
hearts. At Trafalgar Square in London there's Nelson's
Monument. There's the Arch of Triumph in Paris.
There's Titus's Arch in Rome. There are the pyramids
in Egypt, those great monuments, some of them seven
thousand years old, reminders of great kings and
dynasties. There are monuments nearly everywhere we
go, everywhere we drive. Every place that we're in
attendance of, we see reminders, monuments, churches,
stained glass windows, pews, wood markers, concrete
markers, marble markers, all kinds of things to remind
us. Gifts given in dedication to remember to say,
"Thank you," to say, "Praise God."

I even heard about a man out in the Midwest who
dedicated the loudspeakers in his church in memory of
his wife. You got to be careful what you dedicate and
how you mark it. We are a people of monuments and

In God's Word we see a very unusual thing happening.
As the children of Israel now prepare to possess their
possessions, they are told to stop and "pitch" or "set
up" a marker. The word for "set up," found here in the
Book of Joshua means to "stack," or "build up." These
twelve stones were built right up out of the water,
not just flat, laid out, but stacked on one another in
order that everybody passing by there would take not ...

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