by Jim Henry

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Discipline - God's Love Gift (6 of 6)
Series: Depression
Jim Henry

Dale Stone, in a little poem he called "The Shaping of a Disciple,"
"When God wants to drill a man, and thrill a man, and skill a man,
When God wants to mold a man, to play for him the noblest part,
When He yearns with all of His heart to build so great and bold a man,
That all the world shall be amazed, then watch God's methods, watch His ways,
How He ruthlessly perfects who He royally elects.
How He hammers him, and hurts him, and with mighty blows converts him,
Making shapes and forms which only God Himself can understand.
Even while His man is crying, lifting a beseeching hand,
Yet God bends, but never breaks, when man's good He undertakes.
When He uses whom He chooses, and with every purpose fuses,
Man to act, and act to man, as it was when He began,
When God tries His splendor out, man will know what God's about.
God hammers Him, and knocks him, and hurts him,
And drills him, and thrills him, to make him."
God chastens His children. That's a lesson I did not understand for a
long time, but as I studied the Word, through the ministry of the Holy Spirit,
I came to understand that because of God's love He is chastening us and that's
a part of our growing up in Jesus Christ. Now the thing that we want to
understand is that sometimes we can get into spiritual depression because we
do not want to take the chastening of God. Like a child who's been disciplined,
goes to the corner and begins to pout and cry and say, "Well, if you're going
to do me that way, I'm going to be mad at you," we can be the same way to God.
When we get that way with God we get into depression, and because we're in
depression we can drift away from God's plan in our life. God doesn't intend
that! Remember this--God is interested in our holiness more than in our
happiness. Therefore, He chastens us. So I want to deal with chastening--God's
love gift to His children.
First, I want to ask some que ...

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