by Jim Henry

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Overcoming Fear (3 of 6)
Series: Depression
Jim Henry

A Sunday School teacher asked her class of young married women,''What is the fear that grips your heart, your worst fear?'' Each of the girls wrote down her foremost concern. They went something like this: ''I'm afraid that something will happen to my children.'' ''I'm afraid that my children will rebel against our leadership when they're teenagers.'' ''I'm afraid something will happen to me before I can raise my children.'' ''I'm afraid something will happen to my husband and we'll not be able to raise our children together.'' On and on it went. Each of these young women shared with honesty the heartfelt fear that gripped her mind and heart. And I'm sure that if every one of you would be honest with God and yourself right now, there's something somewhere in your life that brings anxiety or fear to your mind and heart. Well, you're not alone.

Fear grips the hearts of many people, even some very famous and seemingly secure people. It is absolutely amazing to know that some of the most outstanding people in the world, some of the greatest leaders have fears.

For instance, Enrico Caruso, the great singer, had a fear of drafts. One time in a restaurant in New York, when a waiter opened a window, he dived under the table to keep from getting in the draft. Katherine II, of Russia, was terrified when she noticed that her hair was getting thin. She had some wig-makers come and begin to make up wigs for her. In fact, she locked the wig-makers up in the palace for three years so nobody would tell her secret. Did you know that Kublai Khan, who conquered more space and land than any other conqueror in the world, was absolutely afraid of old age? He had all his finest horses killed at the age of six, and all of his ministers exiled at the age of sixty. (Be glad you weren't a horse or a minister under his administration!)

Queen Elizabeth was looking in the mirror one day when she noticed a wrinkle coming on- ...

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