by Jim Henry

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Setting The Foundation (2 of 6)
Series: Depression
Jim Henry
Psalm 42

Wilson and Scott were stranded in the Antarctic, and a very amazing thing happened. As
they were dying, they decided to write their feelings up to the last moment of consciousness.
Writing about Wilson, who is already nearer death than himself, Scott said,
"If this letter reaches you, Bill and I have gone out together. We're
very near it now, and I should like you to know how splended he was at
the end; everlastingly cheerful, and ready to sacrifice himself for
others. Never a word of blame toward me for leadinghim into this mess;
his eyes have a comfortable blue look of hope and his mind is peaceful,
with a satisfaction of his faith in regarding himself as part of the
great scheme of the Almighty. I can do no more to comfort you than to
tell you he died as he lived,a brave, true man, the best of comrades
and the staunchest of friends."
He died as he lived. You see, when the foundation stone is set, then the superstructure comes
right along and if a man lives to be thirty, fifty, eighty or one hundred he dies as he lived,
because the foundation was set. That's why it's very important to start your children right.
To begin those first years of their lives setting the foundation so that the house can be built
properly. That's why it's very important, when you come to faith in Jesus and you've been saved,
that you know that foundation is set so you can build the rest of your spiritual life upon it.
As I deal with Spiritual Depression, I'm going to deal with the matter of conversion; getting the
foundation right, because if that is sure and true, then you can deal with the other things that come
along in your life, that spiritually attack you and bring depression upon you. It's important that
you know that a strong foundation is set and you can stand on that assurance, that you are in Jesus
Christ, how you're in Christ, why you're in Christ and the way the Word of God tell ...

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