by Jim Henry

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Are You in the Pits? (1 of 6)
Series: Depression
Jim Henry
Psalm 42:1-5

That great old spiritual puts it this way:
"Sometimes I'm up, sometimes I'm down,
But, Praise the Lord, I'm heaven-bound!"

I know sometimes you feel up, and sometimes you feel down, but if you're in Jesus Christ, regardless of how you feel, if you've been saved, you're heaven-bound! And praise the Lord for that. But, if like the psalmist, you feel "often disquieted in your spirit," and in your heart, and you want victory, you can overcome that. The psalmist was facing spiritual depression, too.

Erma Bombeck's book, which has been a best seller for so long, says it: "If 'Life is Just a Bowl of Cherries,' Why Am I always in the Pits?"

And there are a lot of people asking that question. If life is supposed to be so good, why does it seemingly feel so bad so much of the time? And the answer is, depression. How do you define depression? Webster defines it as: "The state of being depressed, dejected, lowering of vitality or functional activity; an abnormal state of inactivity; an unpleasant emotion."

Now, some of you are feeling very strongly that you're in that state right now. You feel "down" today. That's not an uncommon state, and the reason I have chosen to preach on it is because I've found it to be a very common problem. I don't do a lot of counseling, but I do some, and I have found the two major areas of that ministry revolve around marital problems or spiritual depression. Now, they don't necessarily go together, I want to make that clear. But those two are the things that bother people the most. And the reason I want to deal with it from God's Word is this: First of all, we're going to be dealing with biblical principles. The reason a lot of people have trouble in their spiritual lives is they don't understand biblical principles, and that's often because they haven't been taught them from the pulpit. And I want to confess that. Therefore, when there is a rebellion, or ...

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