by Jim Henry

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Jim Henry, Pastor
First Baptist Church
3701 L.B. McLeod Road
Orlando FL 32805
Reprinted from Radio Program "WE BELIEVE"
Tape #71, CT 201102

"Questions Concerning Adultery" Part II
Exodus 20

Coping with adultery begins in the home. It begins by establishing a strong home.
In a few moments I'm going to ask you who are married to answer mentally, "yes" or
t"no". But before I come to the questions I would like to state that we're living in
a society, a world system that is against the two of you having a successful union,
unobstructed by adultery. I'll go further to say that I believe, it's very unusual,
in the tone and the temperature of things as they are today, for a couple to live
successfully outside of Jesus Christ and keep their marriage vows. Some do, but that
number is becoming smaller and smaller. Without Jesus Christ as the eternal, spiritual
cement to bond your union, and without a strong commitment to Christ and His Church
and to that spouse, you probably are going to have to cope with adultery in your marriage.
Why? Well, let's look at our society.
A few years ago, let's say ten, fifteen, twenty-five you just didn't hear much
about it. Sure, adultery was going on. It's been going on from the very beginning
of time. But, in our United States, you were shocked if you found out that anyone
had committed adultery. Perhaps they didn't have a spiritual or moral committment,
or they were afraid of three things: conception, infection, or detection. Since the
progress of technology and medicine, conception has been prevented by the pill and in-
fection by powerful drugs. Sexual sin violates a godly, eternal principle and there
are particular diseases that come from this violation. There is now a new disease,
an immune deficiency among homosexuals and they haven't yet come up with a drug to
stop it. You see, it is a violation of a basic principle of God, and that's why
these kinds of sins can lead to infection and detection. Detecti ...

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