by Jim Henry

Jim Henry, Pastor
First Baptist Church
3701 L.B. McLeod Road
Orlando, FL 32805
Reprinted from Radio Program "WE BELIEVE"
Print #69 CT 201242

"Do You Trust God? Can God Trust You?"
Exodus 20:15

Dr. Hunt, professor at one of our seminaries, came to his class one
day and said, "Take this test. Take it home with you, grade it and return
it." The students looked at him incredulously, and one of them held up
his hand and said, "You said take the test home and grade it and bring it
back. How will you know that we don't cheat?" He said, "I won't know,
but it is important for you to know now in the early part of your ministry
if you're going to be dishonest or not. Sooner or later it will surface
and it is better that you find out now who you are."
Well the question is not so much, Do you trust God? But, can God trust
you? When we hear the words "Thou shalt not steal," immediately we are
tempted to think, "Well, I'm all right, because I've never held up a
7-Eleven store. That doesn't cover me,it must be for that guy over there,
or that guy on television, or that guy in iaitl, watrchibng an TV.
He will really get it today!" But this command covers more ground than we
would like to imagine, and we ought to think about it. Let's look at
the Eighth Commandment - Can God trust you?
First of all, you willnotice in the Word of God that there is sin
involved that is wider than just those words. To commit the sin of breaking
the Eighth Commandment can come in many ways. It can be dishonesty,
one out of every 52 supermarket shoppers steal. Fifteen million dollars in
grocery carts was taken from supermarkets in recent years. I don't know
what anybody would do with a grocery cart at home, but fifteen million
dollar's worth just disappeared! One "pregnant" lady walked out of a
supermarket and outside the door gave birth to a chuck roast, some toothpaste,
pancake syrup, and hair tonic! These kind of schemes, these kind of things
happen all the time, a ...

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