by Jim Henry

Jim Henry, Pastor
First Baptist Church
3701 L.B. McLeod Road
Orlando, FL 32805
Reprinted from Radio Program, "WE BELIEVE"
Print #109418, Cassette #65

Exodus 20:7

They said that it was perhaps the most exciting year ever. I
wasn't there, but I read about it. It was the year, 1,000. Many
people in the church believed that Christ would return at the beginning
of the year, 1,000. So as they entered into the last ten years, 991,
992, 993, and so on, there was a rising crescendo of excitement about
the possibility that Christ might come at the millenium, the year,
They said that in the last year things happened like you wouldn't
believe. When the year, 999 rolled around, people began to forgive
each other; neighbors who hadn't spoken for a long time began to recon-
cile their differences. They found that bakers were giving away their
bread. People were coming to church in unprecedented numbers, and
taking seriously their commitments. Absolutions and confessions were
running at an all-time high.
Finally, on that great evening when the year, 1A000 was to arrive
at midnight, the basilica at St. Peter's in Rome was packed. Pope
Sylvester II was going to have the evening mass. The people came
flocking into that giant place. Masters were embracing servants.
People were hugging and saying their farewells. It was a time of
awe in the Christian world. There was a clock there, ticking out
the seconds and minutes and they said that some people were casting
themselves face down in worship.
A silence began to permeate the atmosphere, as the people expected
Christ to come to earth at midnight. As the clock ticked closer and
closer to the hour, the Pope celebrated the mass with silence. No
words were spoken. No words were uttered in all the basilica. Nothing
but quietness. Suddenly, the clock stopped and there was deathly
silence. Some people were so overcome that they died of fright. Some
fainted, others began to cr ...

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