by Jim Henry

Jim Henry, Pastor
First Baptist Church
3701 L.B. McLeod Road
Orlandof FL 32805
Reprinted from Radio Program "WE BELIEVE"
Print #63, CT#109202

Exodus 10:1-3

The husband had bought one of those statues of Christ, brought it
home and put it in the den. About a week later Mama moved it and put it
in the kitchen. The little five-year-old girl went to see it, and when it
wasn't where it usually was, she came into the kitchen and said, "Mama,
where did you put God?"
Now there are a lot of people that need to answer that question,
"Where did you put God?" Where do you put God in your life? This first
commandment is that kind of searching commandment that asks us the
question, "Who is God of your life?" or "What gods are in control of your
Now I want you to get the picture. God has taken Moses up to the top
of Mt. Sinai. We do not know exactly where that mountain is, we know the
vicinity, but we do not know exactly which mountain. There are two or
three that are pretty close together and any of them could fit the descrip-
tion. But on the mountain, God and Moses had a conversation. We do not
know all that he said, but maybe it went something like this:
Our Heavenly Father said to Moses, "I'm going to send
our people into a promised land. It's a land flowing
with milk and honey. It will have everything that you
need for successful and prosperous living. I have seen
to it that you have everything. But there is one
thing that I want you to remember. It's not so much
what you have in the land, but it is how you live in
the land that is important. And so I'm going to write
with My own finger Ten Commandments. If you will obey
them and follow them, you will be happy, and I will
bless generation after generation. If you do not follow
these commandments, you will not be blessed, and I will
turn My back on you."
So Moses came down with those tablets called "The Ten Commandments." I'm
sure that any of you who we ...

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