by Jim Henry

Jim Henry, Pastor

"How to End Your Life"
Genesis 46-48

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As we come near to the end of the Book of Genesis in this
series, we come near to the end of the life of Jacob. In this
life, we see a man who knows how to come to the end of the road.
So if you've got your Bibles with you, we'll be looking at three
chapters: 46, 47, and 48. A lot of It Is narrative, and from
that narrative of the closing days of Jacob, I'd like to bring
the message, "How to End Your Life."
We have followed Jacob's life for several weeks and months,
and now he's coming to the end of it. Quite a life he's had.
He's been to every extreme we can think of. He's been in every
kind of circumstance. He's run from God, he's run towards God, he's
hed visions and dreams. He's had disappointments and heartaches.
He's had victories. He's seen visions of angels. He's been
blessed financially and materially. He's been blessed spiritually.
He's been blessed with a family. This man has lived quite a life.
Now in these closing chapters, we're covering the latter part
of it. He's going to live about 17 more years, which means he's
going to die at the age of 147. In other words, he's passed his
midlife crisis; now he is looking at another one. It's time to go
home to heaven. He's been moved with his family to the land of
Goshen. There in Goshen, God gives him 17 more years with his loved
ones. In those 17 years, we see him making preparation to die.
Very forcefully, very courageously, very faithfully, we see Jacob
coming to theend of the road. There are four pictures that I think
every Christian ought to have etched In their minds and hearts so
that when we come to the end of the road, we, like Jacob, can have
our hearts and minds set and can look back with joy and forward with
If vouI I i}i nati- -n chapter 47, verses 29-3', th is wi I 1 be the
introduction to the rest of the Scriptures that we'll look at.
"When the time for Israel to di ...

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