by Jim Henry

Jim Henry, Pastor
First Baptist Church
3701 L.B. McLeod Road
Orlando, FL 32805
Reprinted from Radio Program, "WE BELIEVE"
Program #55, CT#2009

"Faith Testifies in the Face of Death"
Genesis 23

Some of you may read Andy Rooney, who is a columnist in The Orlando
Sentinel. His column is published several times a week. I picked out one
just recently, entitled, "A Time to Weep For Our Own." This man was writing
from his own grief. I'm sure that typing it out seemed to be one of the best
ways he could express what he was feeling. I'm just going to take some of the
words he said.
"My mother died today. She was a great mom, and I am typing with
tears in my eyes. There are a lot of things she wasn't so good at,
but no one was ever better at being a mother. She never wanted to
be anything but a good mother. It would not satisfy many women
today. If I were a woman, it would not satisfy me, but there was
something good about her being one that exceeded any good that I
will ever do. I think I know why she was a world-champion mother.
She had unlimited love and forgiveness in her heart for those close
to her. Neither my sister nor I ever did anything so wrong in her
eyes that she couldn't explain it in terms of right. She assumed
our goodness and no amount of badness in either of us could change
her mind. It made us better."
"Visiting her, at first I was pleased that she unaware of anything
and not suffering, I'd bend over her, stroke her hair, and whisper
in her ear, 'It's Andrew, Mom.' It would not seem as though she
heard, but her hand, which had been picking at the blanket in a
manner distinctively her own, groped for mine. She did hear; she
did know. She was suffering and in fear of death, and I could not
console myself that she was not. My wife stood on the other side
of the bed. They got along during the twenty years Mother lived
with us. Mother lifted her other hand vaguely toward her. Dying,
she wished to include my wife, who had b ...

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