by Jim Henry

Jim Henry, Pastor
First Baptist Church
3701 L.B. McLeod Road
Orlando, FL 32805
Reprinted from Radio Progr,-m, "WE BEIlr%.E"
Program #53, CT#1677

Genesis 14

let me give you a brief capsule report on Genesis 14. There were
jour kings. These four kings decided to make war on the kings of Sodom
and Gomorrah and some of their allies. Remember that Lot had pitched
his tent toward Sodom and was living in this area. Abram had been going
in another direction toward Hebron. Abram still loved his nephew, Lot,
who was living in this particular place when war broke out.
These four kings had become strong allies. They swept into the
area and defeated everything in the land. They took the booty, they took
everything. They plundered the cities and took the people captive. They
took everything they wanted, made another forced march, went up past
the Dead Sea, went up by Dan, and over toward Damascus.
Now word came to Abram from one of the survivors of the terrible
slaughter at Sodom, what had happened. Abram said, "I've got a nephew
over there and I'm not going to leave him alone." So quickly,this man
that you seem to feel is a man of peace, becomes a man of war. He or-
ganizes some other men with him; three brothers who were Moabites he
asked to, "Come and help me." They got their team together, and just
like a Patton, or an Eisenhower, or some other great military general,
struck out after these other kings. They caught them by surprise. Abram
trenched in around them, made a tremendous military move, caught them
by night, defeated them, took them nearly all the way to Damascus and
brought back all of the booty and the plunder, all of the captives and he
brought back his nephew Lot.
It was a tremendous victory. It's the first war mentioned in the
Bible, here in-Genesis 14, the first major battle. When he comes back
from this tremendous military victory, this becomes very strategic, as
you study the nation of Israel, Abram's ...

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