by Jim Henry

Jim Henry, Pastor
First Baptist Church
3701 L.B. McLeod Road
Orlando, FL 32805
Reprinted from Radio Program "WE BELIEVE"
Print #51, CT #1652

"When A Saint Sins"
Genesis 12:6 - 13:4

As we look at this great patriarch, Abraham, we see him growing
and moving, in the early part of his life. We notice that he is tested
soon after he hears God's call and surrenders to the will of God,
and that God tests his character.
You can be sure that God is going to test us, and Satan also
is going to try us. It happened to Peter. Jesus told Simon Peter,
"You're going to be sifted." It happened to the Lord Jesus. Satan
tempted Jesus. The Bible says that Jesus was tempted "in every way
like as we are." Now, we are going to see this great moment of
testing in Abram's life, and how he failed it.
Let's look at it in Genesis 12. Notice first of all, the
circumstances in verses 6-10, after God has made him the great
promise in chapter 12:1-5, and established the great covenant
relationship with Abram. Abram travels through the land, it says
in verse 6, and comes as far as the great tree of Moreh at
Shechem. Then it goes on to tell that there he built an altar.
In verse 8 he goes from there towards the hills, east of Bethel,
pitches his tent, and there he builds an altar. Then in verse
10, it says, "Now there was a famine in the land, and Abram went
down to Egypt to live there for a while because the famine was
Famine was a very commonplace event in that area. Living here
in Central Florida, where there seems to be plenty of rain most of
the time, it's hard for us to imagine a land where famine is common.
Yet, it was very common, and Abram moved into this land at a time
of famine. He left the wonderful, green, lush Valleys and hills of
Mesopotamia and Syria. I'm sure when he moved into this new situation,
he said to himself, "What am I doing here?" Because Abram was learning
that God was not always going to surround him with the best of outw ...

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